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Digital Programs

This programs are delivered through BridgeTracker and completely digital workouts.

BridgeTracker is an App for you phone that will help track your workouts, your weights and one of our trainers can help keep you motivated.

Click on the name to get more information on the program.

This program is designed to change your body in 60 days.


This program is a 12 week program designed to get you stronger with your Olympic Lifts.


his beginner program is designed just for those that want to get started but do not know where to begin.


Hard Copy Workout Programs

These programs are delivered in PDF format using a google drive.

When you click the link it will take you to a PayPal link to purchase the program and once the purchase is  complete the google drive link will be sent to you. (Link Coming Soon)

Each file comes with a progress diary to help you keep tracker so you can reach your goals.

These programs are delivered by TnR Fitness.

The Cast Iron Body 

Harness the power of kettlebell metabolic resistance training to build the body you want in record time.


The Total-Body Blast

This 10-station, 200-rep program burns fat and builds muscle in less than an hour a week


The Metabolic Athlete

Build an athletic body with this metabolic fat-blasting workout plan, using only a 10kg dumbbell.


Get All Three for the price of Two

Get the Cast Iron Body, The Total-Body Blast and The Metabolic Athlete for the price of two.


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